Мастера своего дела проведут аэроэкскурсию в горах Узбекистана.  

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Auberon Curtis

Our double deluxe rooms are complemented with modern and luxurious amenities for a wonderful stay.

Driskoll Andréia

We offer 15 club rooms designed with a vibrant touch to enhance your spirits for a happening holiday.

Ingvildr Vesta

If you are looking for a room that gives you both space and luxury at a reasonable price, this is the one for you.

Oleksandr Wasyl

Experience luxury in style in our executive suites. These rooms also give you a beautiful view of the city.

Aleksandr Vitold

This is the second-highest ranked room in our hotel that offers luxury with the most advanced amenities.

Krste Lauren

Wish to live like a king? Here’s the top presidential suite where you can spend the best days of your life.

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